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Your Commercial and Residential Lawn Care Company

Are you in need of lawn services? If so, Linn County Lawn Care can help you. We provide a wide array of lawn care and landscape services for residential and commercial clients. Let us put our experience in working for you. Linn County Lawn Care services Linn County, MO and surrounding areas. Whatever lawn care services you need, we can provide. Free estimates for all your lawn care needs are available upon request. Please contact us today for more information!

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Why you should choose Linn County Lawn Care?

· We are family owned and operated

Linn County Lawn Care is owned by Noah Wallace. Started in 2014. If you call, we answer, or do our best to return your call as soon as possible. We offer superior customer service, we want you to be pleased with your lawn service and we want you to have the best lawn possible.

· We are experienced and care about our customers’ lawns

Linn County Lawn Care started in 2014. We continue to build our business by offering great value to our customers. We offer experienced, top notch lawn services at great prices. Our friendly owners and staff are always happy to talk about your lawn, or whatever else you might have concerns about

· We are reliable

We show up when we say we are going to show up. We will be at your lawn every week when you are a customer of ours. Linn County Lawn Care will be at your lawn when we say we will be there.

Call Linn County Lawn Care to have your lawn mowed, and looking great week after week. A key part of maintaining a beautiful lawn is mowing. Mowing is what is done most frequently. A lawn that is mowed correctly will be healthy and this will help defend off weeds. Mowing the lawn can be a chore, and that is why Linn County Lawn Care is here to help. At Linn County Lawn Care we will cut your grass at the optimum height for your type of grass and time of year. Linn County Lawn Care performs regular maintenance on all equipment to ensure that we are cutting your grass with the sharpest blades possible. The sharp blades will give your grass a clean cut without damaging the leaf of the grass.

To some people mowing the lawn can be a hassle and a waste of time. At Linn County Lawn Care we love to mow lawns and we would love to cut your grass. We want every lawn that we maintain to look the best. Linn County Lawn Care is an experienced professional service company that can help make your lawn look better than it ever has before.

Snow Blowing and Plowing

Services done from December - March

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We service homeowners, apartment complexes and businesses with snow removal. Although we make individualized agreements with each of our customers, typically we plow/blow snow from driveways, parking areas and walks when there is a snow fall of approximately 2” or more. Salt is applied when needed. We monitor driveway aprons for drifts and town or city plowing and return as soon as possible to clear entryways.

Winter Services About Us

Conditions :

       • If you cannot contact us immediately hold for a little while and we will get with you as soon as we get a chance.

       • If you cannot get a hold of us, leave a message with your full name, your address, and the address where you want your services done. We will call back and set date and time to estimate your job.

       •  We do not take calls on Sunday.

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Grass Patterns

“Adds a special touch to a yard”

The direction that the grass is bent determines the "light" or "dark" colored stripe. When the blades of grass are bent away from you, the grass appears lighter in color because the light is reflecting off of the wide, lengthy part of the blade. When the blades of grass are bent towards you, the grass appears darker as you are looking more of the tips of the blades (a smaller reflective surface) and the shadows under the grass. So cutting a lawn in an opposing pattern (up/down, right/left,) provides the most contrasting stripe effect. Interestingly, as the "color" of the stripe is dependant upon what direction you are looking at it from, a "light" colored stripe will appear "dark" if you view it from the opposing direction.

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