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Entire Property Size - (Including non-turf areas)

Expected to Mow, Weedeat & Blow -

• Small property's up to ½ acre (each addition 1000 square feet + $2.00)  $30.00

• Large Properties - 1 to 2 acres/$35.00-$50.00 per acre

• Large Properties - Larger than 2 acres/$55.00 - $65.00 per acre

• Rough Field Mowing, Bush hogging - $25.00 per man hour (2 hour minimum)

Stick Edging

• Stick Edging is $0.50 per foot. If you are a mowing customer, the charge per foot is cut in half to $0.25

Bush Edging

• The bush edging service is a minimum charge of $30.00.

Neighbor Discount

• The Neighbor Discount is for properties located in the same location/area, that have their lawns mowed the same day. The properties must be close enough that they can be conveniently serviced with one stop of the truck and trailer. For 2 properties, the discount is 10% each. For 3 properties, the discount is 15% each. For 4 or more properties, the discount is 20% each.

Our Mission

A unbreakable commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and customer satisfaction has been the foundation of this business. Our mission is to build partnerships with our customers by providing the highest quality lawn services available. We will strive to achieve this by being dependable, and treating your property with the utmost respect. Our crew will conduct themselves in a professional manner and display an steadfast commitment to the highest ethical and moral standards at all times. We understand that a successful business is built on integrity, quality service and the satisfaction of each individual customer.

Minimum Charge

• $30.00 is always our minimum charge for traveling to any property and performing any work.


• Monthly Billing:

        We send you an invoice at the end of the month, for all of the work completed that month. All of the work that was completed, as well as the date it was completed, and price for each service are detailed on your monthly invoice. We ask that you pay the invoice upon receipt, but it is not late until after 15 days.


• On-Call Mowing or 1-Time Jobs + 10%

• Neighbor Discount 10% to 20% off

• Bagging grass - Bagging of grass clippings is always available for an additional charge of $3.00 per 39 gallon bag. This includes hauling away. If you have a place on the property to dump the grass clippings, or let us leave the bags of clippings at your property, then the charge is reduced to $2.00 per bag.

See also: Terms of service for more adjustment prices

Winter Services

Snow Plowing

• $45.00 to $70.00 per visit for a typical driveway.

• $65.00 per hour (residential)

• $136.00 per hour (commercial parking lots)
• $138.00 per hour (roadway plowing)

Snow Blowing

• $38.00 per visit / by session

• $50.00 per visit for a typical residential or commercial driveway and sidewalk

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