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Spring Services

September through November

Commercial or Residential!

• Small property's up to ½ acre (each addition 1000 square feet + $2.00)  $30.00

• Large Properties - 1 to 2 acres/$35.00-$50.00 per acre

• Large Properties - Larger than 2 acres/$55.00 - $65.00 per acre

• Rough Field Mowing, Bush hogging - $25.00 per man hour (2 hour minimum)

Mowing comes with a Package (Mowing, Weedeating, Blowing) and usually can be the same price as stated above. Sometimes prices may be a little higher depending on conditions of property.  We check the mowing area for trash, tree limbs and debris and haul it away. Turf is completely mowed with a sharp blade, at a height and frequency most suitable for the species and your sites specific needs. In areas where we cannot reach with a mower we will string trim the turf to the height of the adjacent turf. All concrete surfaces, patios, decks, parking areas and streets will be blown clean of debris from the landscape maintenance process.

For more information on Weedeating, blowing etc go to Summer services

Mowing, Blowing, trimming

Commercial or Residential!

$30.00 an acre (every additional 1000 square feet $3.50)

Spring and fall clean ups are a great way to spruce up your lawn. We remove all the leaves from your lawn. Pick up sticks and cut out dead foliage from your flower beds.

Spring Cleanup

Leaf Removal

Commercial or Residential!

Landscape Design/Installing

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Your lawn is the first thing that people notice when they come to your home. Proper mowing is an important part of maintaining a healthy attractive lawn. Mowing at the correct height greatly improves the turfs ability to combat weeds. Ultra sharp mower blades keep the grass growing evenly and the turf holds up better during times of drought and heat.

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